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Arlene Harrington, MD

My goal is to provide individualized health care while focusing on a healthy lifestyle and disease prevention. I work with patients and parents to answer questions, provide current, relevant medical advice, and together, support your child’s growth and development.

Barry Auerbach, MD

Every illness or problem can be thought of as both a story and a puzzle. My goal is to get the full story and arrange all the puzzle pieces so that the most likely diagnosis emerges. From that point, parents and I work out where to go next: whether to begin a treatment, gather more information (do tests), try some things at home, or simply allow a little more time to go by (the venerable “watchful waiting”). By this process, my hope is that you will feel you have been carefully listened to, your child’s situation has been thoughtfully considered, a good treatment or ‘game plan’ has been put into action, and you and your child have spent time with a physician who truly cares about you and the reason for your visit.

Karen Kish, NP

I bring many years of nursing practice to patient care. It is vital to really listen to the family. Sometimes a parent needs a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold, or someone to say it is ok.

Jade Carden, NP

I strive provide compassionate care throughout your child’ life stages. And to create a partnership with the family to best care for the overall well-being of your child, and promote a healthy lifestyle.