Ear Piercing

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Ear Piercing

Medical Ear Piercing services offered in Midlothian, VA

Would you like your child’s ears pierced in a safe, sterile environment with a low risk of infection? At Chesterfield Pediatrics in Midlothian, Virginia, the exceptional pediatric specialists offer ear piercing in their office using top-quality earrings and piercing equipment. Call the Chesterfield Pediatrics office today to schedule ear piercing or use the online booking tab.

Ear Piercing Q&A

What is ear piercing?

Ear piercing at Chesterfield Pediatrics is a minor procedure in which your child’s provider punctures their ear and safely places an earring using sterile equipment. Choosing a medical practice to complete ear piercings for kids or teens offers the utmost peace of mind and a low risk of infection and other complications.

Is ear piercing right for my child or teen?

The decision to have your child’s ears pierced is entirely up to you and your family. As long as your child is in good overall health, ear piercing is safe, effective, and long-lasting. Following all of the proper after-care instructions substantially lowers the risk of complications. Ear piercing at Chesterfield Pediatrics is restricted to established patients.

What happens during ear piercing?

During the procedure, your child rests comfortably in a chair or on your lap. Their specialist cleans and disinfects the treatment area before using specialized equipment to gently make a tiny hole in your child’s ears.

While they may feel a tiny pinch, this sensation lasts just a second. Because each provider makes them feel calm and comfortable, the experience isn’t scary or traumatic for children.

What should I expect after ear piercing?

There’s no downtime after ear piercing at Chesterfield Pediatrics, but your child might have some redness or swelling at the site of the piercing for a short time.

Keep the treatment area clean after your child gets their ears pierced. Avoid swimming in pools, hot tubs, lakes, rivers, or other bodies of water until healing is complete.

Keep the earrings your child’s specialist places in their ears in place for at least six weeks or as directed. Always wash your hands before touching the treatment area and apply ointment to the newly pierced area as instructed. Twist the earrings to prevent them from sticking to ear tissues during healing.

Call the Chesterfield Pediatrics office if you notice signs of an infection. After healing, your child can switch to another set of earrings of their choosing.

Call the Chesterfield Pediatrics office today or use the online booking tab to schedule an ear piercing appointment.